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It was a night in June 2015 when I took that photo of Manhattan island from the Brooklyn Bridge Park. I remember that is was a cool night. Not having my tripod that day, I had to use the railing to stabilize my camera as I took the shot.  My mind kept wandering to whether it would make good business sense to have a hot chocolate or coffee dispenser nearby as I, along with everyone else there seemed to be wanting something hot to drink and the nearby restaurant had closed about an hour earlier.

While I typically do street photography, I’ve also gone around taking photos of landscapes, events and occasion, profile and graduation photos for friends and family.  Admittedly, it’s a hobby but it’s one that I’ve actually been compensated for a number of times in the past.

An Olympus user since I was about 12, I switched over to the micro 4/3 system about 6 years ago when my regular 4/3 camera had to undergo service and since then, I’ve pretty much fully committed to the smaller and lighter interchangeable lens format.